Christian Contemporary V

by MTR



If you enjoy Songs sung by Amazing Artists with Outstanding Voices and a Sweeping Message, make sure to Preview Track 11 with Kari Jobe singing "I Am Not Alone (Live)" and Track 12 Mercyme singing "I Can Only Imagine".

In the early evening of August 25th, 2017 I logged in to my Pandora One Christian Contemporary Radio station with my computer, "Blackbird", which has a Studio Quality "Creative SB X-Fi" PCI sound card in it ready to record with my GoldWave v. 6.30 (64 bit) digital audio recording and editing software also ready and qued up for recording. Pandora One's AI Engine then fed me 20 Tracks in a row based on my previous "Thumbs-up" responses to around 150 Tracks that I had given positive responses to previously. These were the same 20 Tracks that are listed here on my site. I recorded all 20 in a row without knowing ahead of time what was going to come up for listening. The actual Bit Rate for the Sound Stream on Pandora One is only 192 kbps but I was recording at 3072 kbps to obtain a "Studio Quality" recording regardless of the actual Bit Rate. The AIFF sound files were then "corrected" for the defective Frequency Response of the 192 kbps Sound Stream by then converting the 16 bit waveforms to 24 bit and "correcting" the waveforms at 24 bit resolution with a Bit Rate of 4608 kbps to retain the "corrections" in the Highest Octave of my Digital Equalizer. The details are beyond the scope of this note. After "cleaning up" these recorded "Chosen" wave-forms I uploaded them to this Site to produce a Great Sounding Compilation of the best Artists and Groups recording today in the Christian Contemporary Genre. This Album, "Christian Contemporary V" is yours for the taking. Enjoy previewing the Tracks to see if you like any of the various Styles and Messages presented in these 20 Tracks. If you like, you may download individual Tracks if you only like one, but be reminded that I am only allowed 200 Free Downloads a Month by, beginning on the 16th of each Month, so downloading the whole album only counts as a Single Download against my Monthly Quota. Enjoy Listening to these Songs for Free as my Gift from me to you. Believe me, after almost 50 years in Music Ministry it is a Labor of Love to produce Albums like this on my Bandcamp site for Christians to enjoy. Peace Be With You. MTR

p.s. - Downloading the Album includes a Bonus Item titled: "Christian Contemporary V.pdf" with a numbered list of: Artist and Group Names, Track Titles, Album Titles & Playing Time for your convenience. This document is also view-able on Also, please Download in AIFF Format in order to retain all of the Technology Engineered into the sound files with Digital Processing performed on the waveforms for Studio Quality Audio in Playback.


released October 5, 2019




MTR Lincoln, Nebraska

MTR consumed half his life practicing Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He spent the other half as a #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter in the Music Ministry of the Catholic Church. One of his greatest joys in life is knowing that through these Albums his music will live on. He lives quietly in Lincoln, NE with his wife and oldest son. ... more

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